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Designed, developed and manufactured by BJZY, ZYEQ-InterPBX is a Family so called VOIP products which integrate functions of Internet Gateway and features of conventional PBX into a new device-InterPBX which stretches extensions of a PBX over Internet to wherever point of the world IP can reach and make you a feeling that the oversea representative offices of your company is just in next door. What the most attractive feature of this family is that by installation and using these products any firms or organizes can construct a worldwide scope communication network with very low cost and have high quality of international telephone call or national call with very low charge.

There are 3 sub-families in this family and each of them possesses unique characteristics and some common features. The main members of each sub-family are definitely and always Gateways because they perform very basic and necessary work to realize VOIP processes, while Function Servers form a supporting environment to reinforce and perfect functions and qualities of the services, and terminals which integrate telephone set and gateway into one set can provide facility just as traditional telephone set.


 InterPBX-2 Subfamily
 InterPBX-3 Subfamily
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